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Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a jam packed week!

But in a good way! Work is still work, but the Computer Creatrix 
is really moving along. New client and that is good.
Extreme Journalism is still also fabulous. 
And I have posted two of my videos to my You Tube channel. Check it out here
And it has been RAINING all over New Mexico for the last two days.
We really appreciate the rain, as it is sometimes very rare!
Can't get blogger to let me center this sunset pic, but this is an un-retouched photo from my balcony. Since there is moisture in the air the sunsets are spectacular

Immediately before I took this pic, there was a squre bolt of lightning.
I waited for 15 minutes and it never happened again.
Just one of those once in a lifetime things, I guess.

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