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Friday, May 06, 2011

First Friday Arts Crawl in ABQ

My friend and I went Arts Crawling tonight, a feature of the ABQ art scene. We only made it to three galleries, but we really enjoyed the evening and some great art. I also discovered a new Fabric store, Nob Hill Fabrics, 3810 Central, in the same area as Matrix Gallery. My friend found a great looking batik that I just had to have a yard of (you can never have too many batiks)

I helped a friend with her final project in a internet communications class and you can see the video here:


I am so glad it is Friday, and I am not on call!

I am off of Facebook for some time. Freaked myself out by clicking on something I should have know better, and sent spam to all of my FB Friends. Slight withdrawal, but OK so far! I will probably be posting more to my blog!

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