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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charles DeGaulle Airport, Paris France

Well, I am on a layover on the way to Cairo. When I got to Paris and turned on my cell phone, the battery was dead! All that I have done is a few test texts to my son (with results that he thought were very amusing!) Anyway, must be a weak battery, and the only adapter that I brought with me was the one for Cairo!
I signed up at an internet cafe and had to buy an hour's worth of time for 5 Euro, so I am taking my time and using up my minutes. I thought that I could use them on the way back, but they are only good for 7 days.
So far (besides the cell phone battery and David laughing at my texting attempts) the trip has been long but uneventful. No problems but I could not sleep on the plane last night, so I will really be ready to sleep tonight, as as Cairo is 8 hours different from home, that will make getting used to the time change easier (if I manage to stay awake on the flight to Cairo).
Sounds like they are calling my flight, so I better sign off and get in line (at least you do not have to take off your shoes here for security!)

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