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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dispatches from Egypt

I sent text messages to my son, but he did not share with all, so I am publishing them here. They are truncated, and seem to be almost telegram-like.

3/10 wanted to let you know that I got to Atlanta fine

3/11 in egypt fine as of 7pm local time

3/12 morning in cairo is foggy and cool ready for pyramids and sphinx

3/12 (#2) boy am i tired but pyramids were amazing

3/13 sunrise in cairo is still misty and very mysterious off to cairo museum always my favorite place to visit

3/15 still having a great time saw valley of the kings today unbelieveable

3/16 this just gets more and more amazing and our guide is great we are on nile now

3/16 9:30 at night, just finished dinner

3/17 tried to send pic message but would not go still having a great time just left esna for more temples

3/17 ok here is your rofl laughing moment we took donkey ride and i fell off not hurt and no one got a pic of it thank gods

3/18 temple at Edfu and sandstone quarry and temple

3/18 still have a great time and no further mishaps

3/19 still floating down the nile sounds boring but is not we are seeing temple of isis tomorrow

3/19 still sailing down the nile seeing more temples

3/20 rode camel did not fall off very proud of myself

3/21 back in cairo leaving at 2 PM arrive abq tomorrow 4:30

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