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Monday, March 23, 2009

HOme from Egypt!

I can't believe that I am back! Good to be home, but I sure did not want to leave Egypt.

I think that I am going to write about a day (or parital days in some instances on REALLY busy days).

I arrived in Cairo on Wednesday March 11, and just caught the tail end of the cocktail party and met everyone. Then I tottered off to bed, as I don't sleep on airplanes (which is a bummer when you are in the air for over 18 hours!)

Next morning we were up and off. Our hotel, Mena House Oberoi, was right next to the pyramids, so we went there first. This picture was taken from the garden of the hotel.

Here you can see all three of the big pyramids. The scale is beyond belief.

Those little bitty flyspecks are people!

Camels (we did not ride, as we had a camel ride scheduled later in the trip...)

We were able to go into one of the pyramids (there are three pyramids MUCH smaller, one for Cheops mother, first wife and second wife.) This is the pyramid of the second wife. I am sitting on the first wife's pyramid with the great pyramid in the background.

The infamous Sphinx. You can no longer get right up to it, but it is still impressive.
We ate authentic Egyptian food as much as possible, and for lunch on the first day we had the best chicken (cooked on a rotisserie) that I have ever eaten!
We then took off for the west of Cairo to see more pyramids! More on this tomorrow.

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Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Welcome home! Great photos -- such an adventure! Can't wait to see more.