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Friday, March 27, 2009

Third day of Egyptian Photos!

Hallway in the Hotel Mena Oberoi, very moorish looking

Hallway in the hotel. This reminds me of the Lodge in Cloudcroft, as they are the same vintage

Breakfast table in the hotel, with a Gerbera dasiy and a glass of Hibiscus juice.

The dining room where we had breakfast at the hotel.

Fortress of Saladin, across from the Mohammed Ali Mosque. We saw this on the way to the airport.

I loved the designs on the trucks in Cairo

This is a traffic circle in Cairo, no lights, just whoever has the most guts honks his horn and pulls out into traffic. We were in a large bus, but that did not give us any advantage!

If you are into texture, this is the inside of the bathroom door in the hotel lobby!

After a leisurely lunch we piled into the bus for an airplane trip to Luxor (Ancient Thebes).
Deplaning in Luxor. One of our group left some sweets on the plane. We were already in the baggage claim area, and one of the tour guides went back out on the tarmac, got on the plane and got the sweets. That sure would not have happened in the US!
After driving and driving and driving, we came to a small village of Magalta.
This is a typical doorway in the village. Part of the writing over the door is the address
This was our first view of the Hadeel, our home away from home for 7 glorious days!

Although the Hadeel is an authentic dahabiya, this tug powers us upriver against the significant Nile current (running against us!)

This is how we boarded the Hadeel. There is a plank, and two sailors/stewards held a pole in place for a guardrail. Very charming, but a little scary.

We had a great lunch and then in the evening we went to Luxor temple. More on that tomorrow, as I am photo-ed out!

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Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Such an adventure! I get to live vicariously through your camera. Loved that little market cat.