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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Maybe not Fall anymore

This is what I woke up to this morning. I was puttering around and glanced out the window towards Sandia Peak and it was covered in snow, way down the mountain. No snow at my house, but pretty close!
We have had more precipation in the last month than we had the rest of the year!

I was inspired by a post on Quinn Creative to create a wavy lined nine patch, and fill it in with your attributes (only positive, not negative) and then journal about them. I took it a step further in my huge moleskine journal (blank until now). I had so much fun on one page that I put things that I love in a nine patch on the facing page. It was kinda strange, as I thought I was using the first page, but in actuality, it was the last page... so many of my words are not right side up, but I do not think that matters. Here is the beginning of the coloring process.

My words are creative, artsy, techy, nrrd, mother, evocatuer, tactile, dependable, spiritual. . I had impatience (which is very negative) so I took it out and put in the evocatuer. It is a very interesting process and I will post tomorrow when I have finished coloring. My Loves are Kittehs, the internet, fabric, spirals, labryinth, chocolate, red wine, fall, spring

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