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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quinn Creative inspired me

After seeing a post on QUINNCREATIVE I was totally inspired. I took my brand spankin' new 12x16" totally blank moleskine journal and went to work. Although this is different from what Quinn envisioned, I love it and the process. Of course, being a quilter, I see it as a nine patch! Enjoy.
The funny thing is that I thought that I was at the front of the book, and it turns out that I was at the back of the book and upside down!
My words are: Nrrd, evocatuer, mother, techy, tactile, creative, artsy, spiritual, dedicated. Somehow I just could not put artist in. Wonder what is up with that?
The right hand page is things that I love. My words were kittehs, spirals, fabric, the internet, spring, fall, chocolate,  red red wine, and labryinths.

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