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Friday, November 25, 2011

Shopping Madness

Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Shopping Madness, in all it's forms seem, to me, to be indicative of the financial mess we have found ourselves in. Greed and immediate satisfaction are symptoms of what is wrong with the United States today. No one wants to sacrifice today for future benefit, they all want it now and Lots of whatever it is!

I see two bright spots on the horizon: Small Business Saturday asking you to support local small businesses over the congolmerates; and Buy Handmade in all of it's permutaiotns.

In reaction to the Black Friday hoopla, a local gallery/studio space 5G/Factory on 5th {where Rainbow Artists have art hanging } is sponsoring a "Bizarre Bazaar" as an alternative to Black Friday and in support of Buy Handmade. I have been getting ready for this show for a while, and I am sharing some of the stuff that I will have for sale on Black Friday
 Refrigerator Magnets, small size, most of them unfinished
Large Size

 Flannel Snugglie, twin sized

Triple Good Luck wall hanging
Girlfriend Glue

 Wine Coasters

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