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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Am I a Grinchess?

This is a very well thought out post about the holiday frenzy that has just begun: The Manageable Life. 
She really codified most of my thoughts, so I will not repeat all of the post here, but here is how I manage the frenzy.
Since my son lives 600 miles away with my grandchildren I no longer put up a christmas tree, but I have a silk poinsettia, a festive holiday wreath for the front door and chili twinkle lights that I put up, and I do decorate my office with hanging glass ornament balls (looked for a picture but I just realized that I have never taken a picture of it...) hanging at various heights from my suspended ceiling.
I too also use Heifer International and my Unitarian Universalist outreach efforts for gifts (great nieces, nephews, and grandkids grumble) but I do try to instill giving from the heart as a part of the holidays. So that gets me out of the malls, and if I do buy gifts I buy from fellow artists or make my own (the whole family LOVES getting my snugglies, available on my etsy site).
I posted about the Black Friday insanity, and the rampant commercialism has bothered me for years. That is not what the holiday season should be about and in my little way I am rebelling against the $$$ centered focus of the 21st Century American Christmas. 
All in all, I am certainly not a grinch, but I do avoid the mall madness at all possible costs. It helps me keep my sanity!

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