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Monday, April 06, 2009

Day 10 Abu Simbel

Day 10 started out early, with breakfast on the
Hadeel, and then we caught a plane to Abu Simbel
to see the Ramses II temple.
Some of the group decided to sleep in and we would
pick them up at the Airport on the way back to Cairo.
We said Goodbye to all the crew from the Hadeel, and
it was very sad. We will miss them.
We took a bus to the temples, and the scope of the it was astounding.
This is another of the temples that was relocated from it's
original location in the 1970's. The statue the second from
the left was broken when they found it, and they moved
the whole temple and left the statue as they found it. Ayman giving us his infinite wisdom!

Group shot

The line of statues at the foot of the temple

Just as a size check, the small smudge in the doorway is Lou Ann!

This is the temple of Nefertari, Ramses II's queen. Smaller in scale and
with lots of Ramses statues, but very impressive none the less.

View from the side...

Nefertari's temple from the side
We returned via air to Aswan, and picked up the rest of
our group. The flight back to Cairo was uneventful,
and very short. We could see the pyramids from the
air and that was impressive. We had lunch at a very
exclusive restaurant, even though we were
underdressed! It was Egyptian Mother's day, so all the
restaurants were crowded. We took the bus to another hotel,
the Cairo Sonesta. Somehow The ones of us who had
paid for single accomodations got suites! This is my
three room suite that I only had 5 hours to enjoy.
I did take a jacuzzi bath and relaxed before my killer
plane ride home.

Yes, that is a round bed! Did not sleep on it,
but I did prop up my feet up.
H picked me up at 11:30, we got to the airport in plenty
of time. I left at 1 AM, got to Paris at 5, left
Paris for Salt Lake City at 10, and got to Albuquerque
at 4:30. With the time change, it was a
23 hour flight. That is the only thing that I
would change. Since I cannot sleep on airplanes,
I would spring for Business class or First class
just to have room and then take a sleeping pill!
This was the trip of a lifetime, and I
am so glad that I decided to go.

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Judy Merrill-Smith said...

What a trip!!! Thanks for posting all those photos. (I'm glad you like the little book.)