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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Day 9 Temple of Isis, Philae and Camels

Approaching Philae Island, where the Temple of Isis was relocated
to. The island is in the middle of the Nile at Aswan
(behind the low dam at Aswan)

The westside of the temple complex

Inside the open area of the Temple of Isis

As we entered the temple, we came upon the ruling Temple Cat.
She is lying in the shade and did not let the hundreds of people bother her.

Columns lining the open area in front of the temple facade

Temple facade, Isis Temple

Greek graffitti, Temple of Isis

more columns, Temple of Isis

Carvings of sisters Isis and Nephtys
Real sisters whose Goddess names are Isis and Nephtys
(sorry that I cut the heads off, but a huge tour
was bearing down on us!)
Look, ankle bracelets!
Hathor posing in front of her temple, Temple of Isis
Grogeous columns, with each one being different
The temple was relocated to it's current location in the 1970's.
You can see pylons where the temple used to be located.

"Newer" portion of the temple
It is difficult to see, but thousands of hands have worn grooves
in the temple walls on either side of the steps
Columns in the newer portion of the temple

Looking at facade from the Northwest corner of the island
After returning to the Hadeel for lunch, we set off for the
"Camel Parking Lot" on the other side of the river

Camel Drivers

Yours truly on a camel. I have her name written down somewhere,
but have no idea where it is located!
It was very hot that day, that is why everyone is all covered up.

Very scrungy looking animal, but at least they did not spit!

Ayman and Jules, the pro camel riders.

Heading across the desert to the Nubian Village

Group shot, but Michael is not included (he was on the far right!)
The two camels in the middle were getting amorous??

Here is a pic of Michael, who was missing from the group shot

This was an interesting picture in the Nubian Village. There is a
tom turkey, two hens, a pen full of chicks, and a cat looking to
snag anything that it can!

tea and homebacked bread at the Nubian village
Jules of the Nile was fascinated by the tails that the Pharoahs
wore, she found several at the Nubian Village.

I don't think that Kathy ever met a stranger. She overcame
the language barrier and found out this was the husband,
sister and friend of the Lady of the House!
Wherever we went, we had undercover police who guarded us.
We came to call them the local uzi guy, as they usually had uzis.
This is in the Nubian village, and it was rather downscale,
just a revolver instead of an uzi. The garden plot was just in
the middle of the road on the way back to the river.
After taking a water taxi back across the river, we toured the
market area and had dinner. I did find a fabric shop and bought a
meter of fabric (only a meter wide) just to be able to say that
I bought fabric in Egypt. I have no idea what I will make with it,
or if I will make anything.
We were all sad, as tomorrow is our last day on the Hadeel.
They have us very spoiled and we will miss the crew and the Hadeel.

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