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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Day 8 Kom Ombo Temple

The exterior of Kom Ombo Temple, Kom Ombo
means mountain of gold. This temple is probably
my favorite of all the temples we saw. While it is not as
imposing as Karnak, or as complete as Edfu, somehow Kom
Ombo just appealed to my artistic sensiblities.
This view is from the Hadeel.
The facade of Kom Ombo. This temple honors Horus and the
crocodile God Sobek, so there are two altars.
gorgeous columns ( I know that you are tired of my saying that...)

facade from very close up

There is some color left in the temple

Just a smidgen of color left, but note the stripe on the kilt.

This carving is breathtaking, and the detail and artistry is beyond gorgeous.

An adjacent panel, also stunning

Don't know if you can see this or not, but
there is a snake adjacent to the column.

This picture is taken looking up under a sheltered
area on an arch. Still lots of color, and we
decided that the vultures are very
reminescent of the German eagle.
This carving is in the medical section, and shows a woman
giving birth. The stone has been darkened by
people thoughtlessly touching the carving.

Another overhead view of the vultures in a sheltered location.


Since this temple honored crocodiles, they had mummified
crocodiles in these scarcoghi. We did not get to see any
mummifed crocodiles, they had been removed.

This is probably my favorite picture of the trip
our guide Ayman smiting the enemies
(a favorite pose on the facades of most of the temples)
Note that most of the columns are different

This is also in the medical section, it is a listing of about 100
instruments that they used to practice medicine.

Right hand altar

left hand altar

Tourists striking a pose! (I am on the right, about halfway back,
you can see my black shirt and white hair!)

A forest of columns at the front of the temple ,
note the person at the bottom right for a sense of scale.
A Nile-side water scene of lotus stems and waterfowl, in stone, detail is below

This is very fine carving of lotus stems, in stone!
Tomorrow we are in Aswan, then on to Abu Simbel.

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