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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Day 5 Sailing and going through the lock at Esna

Day 5 Started early, everyone except Karle and I went on a hot air balloon ride.
Sunrise on the Nile, taken from my stateroom window

These fisherman were out early fishing in the Nile

They catch Nile Perch, which I don't know that I would want to eat...

This is not the balloon that everyone rode in, but it landed in the village, so I took pictures.
The intrepid balloonists return

Interesting shadow picture.

This man came out to the Nile-side, found a green grassy area and staked out his donkey.
Then he pulled a cell phone out of his pocket!

After everyone was on board, we set sail. This is the bridge south of Luxor and it is decorated with gods and goddesses

Under sail on the Nile

Wreck on the east side of the Nile
View from the lower deck of the Hadeel
Village on the west side of the Nile
Pasture on the Nile. These are sand bars and Ayman said that anyone who wants to can bring their cattle to graze.

Further South, the desert creeps up on each side of the Nile

As we approach the south, the Nubian Villagers paint their houses blue
A masouleum on the Nile. This would be the crypt of a very religious man.
Woman's work is never done. This woman has 5 rugs spread on the Nile-side that she has already washed, and goes down, gets water, and comes back up the bank to wash more!

Since we were sailing all day, we did our first art assignment.

getting ready for lunch

Ayman explaining our god/goddess names.

They are:
Shari: Bes, god of joy, happiness, birth
Jules of the Nile: Ptah god of creativity
Lou Ann: Isis goddess of protection
Michael: Horus, Protector God
Terri: Hathor goddess of Music and Love
Nancy: Amun Ra, the overarching God
Kitty: Amun Min, God of Fertility, Resurrection
Cheryl: Sekhmet Goddess of Power
Diana: Maat, Goddess of Justice
Kathy: Nut (pronounced newt, not the pecan), Goddess of the Night
Ayman: Osiris, Guide

Looking North from the Upper Deck of the Hadeel

Looking south from the Lower Deck of the Hadeel

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Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Great photos! Can't imagine why you didn't take a balloon ride... ;-)