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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Day 6 El Kab and Edfu (make sure you see day 5 also)

Isis and Nephtys on donkeys heading for El Kab
Mud walls of El Kab, an early capital of Egypt.

Donkey Ride to El Kab tombs

El Kab Tombs

This is the donkey that I fell off of. The donkey wrangler rode
him back, as I did not feel like trying again.

Everyone except Jules of the Nile walked back to the river from the El Kab tombs.
I know the wranglers were saying "Yeah the americans
paid for a round trip and they are walking
and we are riding. Go figure?"

Edfu is the most intact temple in all of Egypt.
Most of the rooms still have roofs.

The facade (darker areas are pylons where flags were flown)
amazing symmetry
The acoustics are such that a priest standing at the
altar can be heard by the rabble
who were kept in the outside open area.
exceptional carving of the gift of the water of life,
defaced by christians (see the chisel
marks on the face of the pharoah. )
Carving of Horus

This was a very interesting carving,
it has a snake, baboon, three swirls

this is an exceptional carving of the
ram headed god Khnum

papyrus and lotus, indicating unification
of upper and lower egypt

Huge carving of the Pharoah and Horus

You have to look closely,
but this is a hippopotamus

Hippo captured by the Pharoah
and being towed to shore

This is dark, but a forest of columns!

Sekhmet, Lion Goddess

In the Momesium, Isis is suckling the
young Horus, defaced by Christians

Me in a touristy pose in front of the
statue of Horus wearing the double crown

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